Jane Fae Flyer is tasked with an impossible mission: Find three missing fairies in the most surveilled and secure city in the world, Washington D.C.
From the mind of USA Today bestselling author, JB Michaels, comes his most harrowing thriller yet, A Capitol Abduction.
Taking place just days after the Spiritless invasion of the North Pole was thwarted by the Tannenbaum Tailors and Fairy Fleet combined, a new crisis emerges. 
Jane will need to reunite with her estranged sister to accomplish her objective. Will the sisters put aside their differences for the greater good? 
Suspense, danger, and intrigue abound in a fantasy action thriller that will take you on dizzying flight from the Washington Monument to the Smithsonian to the Statue of Freedom. 
Fly Fast. Fly Strong in A Capitol Abduction.

A Capitol Abduction : Volume 3

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