No rest for the wicked they say.

Barely catching their breath, Bud, Ivy, and Maeve find themselves pitted against the Chicago police, the FBI, and the world’s most powerful vampire. Will they escape injury-free or will the fangs of doom pierce their jugular veins?

The answers can only be found in The Castle: A Bud Hutchins Thriller.

The three slayers of the supernatural will face their most formidable threats, seek solutions to their most important problems, and be forever changed.


The threats are plenty. The stakes are higher. The tasks nigh impossible.

Time to grab your favorite monster-slaying weapon, raise your torch, and storm the Castle walls.

***FIVE STARS*** "It has an air of classic charm to it and with no shortage of action, horror, monsters and mayhem, it is bound to tickle the fancy of those who enjoy a well-woven tale with a promise of more to come." - KJ Simmill, author of the Forgotten Legacies Series

***FIVE STARS*** "Bud is the consummate noir hero who manages to seem calm and collected no matter what is thrown at him. His ability to wisecrack during the tensest situations works every time. I had a grand time reading this newest installation of Bud Hutchins’ adventures; it’s a well-written and action-packed paranormal thriller that is impossible to put down." - Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

***FIVE STARS*** "Supernatural thriller is definitely JB Michael's forte as he excels in twisting mystical creatures and powers into a tale his readers will devour." - Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers' Favorite

***FIVE STARS*** "The Castle is a solid installment in the Bud Hutchins series. Readers already hooked on the first two books won’t be disappointed." - Sarah Scheel for Readers' Favorite

The Castle: A Bud Hutchins Thriller

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